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Identification of small molecules that inhibit the histone chaperone Asf1 and its chromatin function 
Transcriptional repression of cancaer stem cell marker CD133 by tumor suppressor p53 
Salicin derivatives from Salix glandulosa and their biological activities. 
Triterpene Saponins from the Aerial Parts of Ilex cornuta and Their Cytotoxic Activity 
Tiliabisflavan A,a New Flavan-3-ol Dimer from Tilia amurensis with Cytotoxic and Anti-Inflammatory E 
Cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory disulfide compounds from the fruiting bodies of Boletus pseudocalopu 
A new phenolic glycoside from Spiraea prunifolia var. simpliciflora twigs 
Two new phenylpropane glycosides from Allium tuberosum Rottler 
Identification of cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory constituents from the bark of Toxicodendron vernic 
Anti-inflammatory and antitumor phenylpropanoid sucrosides from the seeds of Raphanus sativus 
Flavonoid glycosides from H. longipes,their inhibition on NO production,and NGF inductive effects 
In silico identification of novel ligands for G-quadruplex in the c-MYC promoter 
Different conformational dynamics of β-arrestin1 and β-arrestin2 analyzed by hydrogen/deuterium e 
Structure-Dynamic Determinants Governing a Mode of Regulatory Response and Propagation of Allosteri 
Two new triterpene saponins from the tubers of stachys sieboldii 
Epigenetic Activation of the Foxa2 Gene Is Required for Maintaining the Potential of 
HP1β suppresses metastasis of human cancer cells by decreasing the expression and activation of MMP2 
The role of tumor suppressor menin in IL-6 regulation in mouse islet tumor cells 
A new flavonol glycoside from the aerial part of 
Sulfuretin inhibits 6-hydroxydopamin-induced neuronal cell death via reactive oxygen specied-depende 
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